About us

PLM Hardwood Flooring is owned and operated by myself, Paul Manka. I have been in the hardwood floor industry for over 16 years, and through this experience I have gained valuable skills. I have always been passionate about working with wood and throughout the years have become an expert. Thanks to my vast experience and skills, I can offer services for installing, staining, sanding, refinishing, and repairing floors as well as restoring stairs. I am hardworking, professional, efficient, friendly, and can transform your home to reflect your vision.
When you hire PLM Hardwood Flooring, I will give you a quote and estimate and complete your project to my high standards. I pride myself on doing the best work with the highest quality and fair prices. Because I am handling everything from start to finish, I can personally assure you that my passion and dedication to perfection will be visible in everything I do.