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Hardwood Flooring Installation
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Your hardwood flooring is essential to your home. You use it daily, and you want it to last for a long time. This starts with the installation. A quality installation leads to quality floors, in both looks and usability. When someone unqualified installs your flooring, they might make errors. While these errors might not be immediately obvious, over time they can lead to serious problems. Your floors might gap or crack, or come loose from the sub-flooring. Don’t take a chance on your hardwood flooring installation. Hire experts like PLM Hardwood Flooring so you’ll have beautiful floors for many years.

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Hardwood installation is where we got our start. While we’re experts in all areas of hardwood flooring, installation is our foundation. Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of floors professionally with excellent results.

What Our Service can Do:

Install by gluing to subfloor
or nailing to subfloor

Install engineered hardwood
flooring or solid hardwood

Create the pattern
or design of your dreams

Advise the best ways to
keep your floor looking