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Your stairs can be the centerpiece of your home. They link together two different stories, bringing a cohesive beauty to your house. But because of their nature, stairs get worn down quickly! You constantly go up and down them, and you tend to walk more heavily on stairs than you do on flooring, so they can get worn down before your floors do.

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  • Restoring stairs can be a difficult process, since they have many tight corners and sharp angles.
  • In order to restore them properly, you need to have the right specialty tools and lots of know-how.
  • Each piece of the stairs has to be restored by hand, which takes time to do carefully and correctly.
  • We work quickly and efficiently to perfect your stairs, all while taking care to do extremely high-quality work. With our years of experience, we’ll be able to restore your stairs to their full beauty.


PLM Hardwood Flooring stair restoration in Chicago and the
Chicago suburbs will restore your stairs to their original quality.