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Staining Hardwood Floors
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Staining your floors is a great way
to add or change up the color.
Either you just installed unfinished flooring and now need to add color, or you’re redoing your home and need to replace all of your flooring! Many homeowners want to add depth to their floors or give them a more modern look, which you can achieve through staining.

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The Staining Process

Our staining process always achieves high-end results. Staining is a very delicate process. Because of the nature of stain, it has to be very carefully applied to the wood–if things go wrong with staining, the floor can require extra sanding and re-staining to fix, which then takes more time and money. We will make sure your floors are done perfectly the first time around.

Our Steps to a Perfect Stain

Step 1: Sand the floor

We’ll sand your floors 4 different times to ensure the smoothest result. First we use our belt sander, then edger, then we do the final sanding with the TRIO sander. For this, we use very fine sandpaper so we can make sure any and all grooves or imperfections are removed from the flooring.

Step 2: Tape off non-stained areas

The last thing you want is to restain your floors, only to discover after the process that the stain spread to your carpet, tile, or other flooring! This is why we take extra care to tape off all areas bordering non-stained areas. By doing this we can make sure that the stain covers all of the wood flooring, but doesn’t damage your carpet or other flooring.

Step 3: Raise the grain of the floor

In order to make sure the stain is as effective as possible, we raise the floor’s grain. After so much sanding, the floor becomes very smooth and this can lead to the stain not absorbing into the hardwood flooring. To prevent this, we use water droplets to open the grain on the flooring. Once the grain is open, the floor becomes more porous and will be able to soak up more of the stain, creating a more perfect end product.

Step 4: Stain the floor

We work quickly to apply the stain evenly across the floor. This way, your floor will reflect a unified stain color. Because the wood grain is open, the floor is highly susceptible to damage, so we work carefully in order to prevent any damages. Once the stain has been applied, it has to sit for 12 hours until it is completely dry. After that, we can apply the finish.

Our Products

TRIO Sander

  • One of the top sanders on the market
  • Makes the staining process smooth and ensures great results
  • Creates a very fine, smooth sand
  • Levels and smooths the floor
  • Allows the wood to absorb the color of the stain more effectively

Ciranova Stains

  • Absorbent and durable
  • Will last for many years


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