1. Will you remove and replace furniture before/after the work?

No, we are not responsible for moving any furniture.

2. Will you remove carpet covering hardwood floors?

Yes, we will remove carpet on top of hardwood floors

3. What areas and suburbs do you cover?

40 mile radius outside Chicago

4. Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have both liability and workers’ comp insurance.

5. Are we able to stay at home while you do work?

Yes, you are able to be in the home while we are working. However, depending on the project, we might recommend you stay somewhere else for part of or the duration of the work.

6. How many days will it take from start to finish?

This depends entirely on the project and what needs to be done. We can discuss this in-depth over email.

7. How do you deal with dust?

We have a 100% dustless system to prevent dust from settling in your home.

8. Have any further questions?

We’d be happy to discuss them with you! Please send us an email and we can answer them.